Cuckolding with a friend

Friends are a good source for cuckolding lovers for her. If she is already comfortable with the other man, the get-togethers can be quite relaxed and congenial and the idea of a friend having sex with her can be stimulating for each of the participants though perhaps for different reasons. We particularly like the manner in which the three people in these two videos relate to one other.

Cuckolding wife teases and compares her husband

One of the pleasures that awaits a cuckold couple is for the wife to discuss her lovers while fucking her husband and comparing their size and skill to his. This is especially stimulating if the husband has witnessed his wife with her lovers and has seen first-hand his competition. For those yet to become active in the Cuckolding, this can be done as fantasy role-play/pillow talk for the excitement of both husband and wife.

Cuckolding with hubby in attendance

Some of the best cuckolding happens when the husband is in attendance but only to make the experience easy and comfortable for his wife and her man. Whether fetching drinks or tending to the camera, he is there for their convenience. His wife knows the amount of sexual tension this will create for her husband and may choose to allow him release or want him to fuck her at some point.

Cuckolding wife enjoys her lover

A cuckolding wife soon becomes at ease with the taboo, counter-culture aspect of cuckolding and begins to enjoy sex with other men as the logical expression of her feminine nature and the primal sexuality that comes with being a woman. An enlightened husband understands and encourages this Goddess aspect of his wife.

Cuckolding with a new man

Cuckolding involves another man's penis entering a wife's vagina. In "vanilla" marriages, this happens far more often than one would suspect because it is surreptitious and never spoken about with the husband or wife in question. Whether you are a swinger, the husband of a Hotwife or an unabashed cuckold, your wife is cuckolding you every time she allows another man to penetrate her.

This is our lifestyle and we enjoy it. In this video, though the wife is having sex with a new man, note the intimacy between husband and wife as she is enjoying herself sexually with her lover.