My wife's wet massage story

This is my wife's wet massage story of London.I'm 36 years old, and I was out with my wife one time, and she wanted to go to this spa. well, she persuaded me to go, so we entered. she automatically went to the spa section, but I found that it also had a few massage tables. I figured I'd get a massage for the heck of it, so I went over. someone came over to me and told me to strip to everything but my underwear, so I undressed till I was in my white briefs. She told me to lay down on the table, and just relax. Then she began massaging my muscles on my upper back. Then, she began moving down to my lower back, and she began massaging this one muscle that felt really good. That was when I started feeling pretty warm, and it was spreading all up my chest and down to my legs. I didn't really feel it, so I didn't bother about it and my wife's wet massage story on the other table.

Finally, she was done, and she asks me if there's a spot that I want done again. So I said the specific muscle, and she began massaging it.I knew that my wife should be having the same treatment of wife massage by a young guy on the other table.She asked me for how long, and I just said, 'till whenever,' so she just continued massaging, and I began feeling warm. After about fifteen minutes, she stopped. I asked her why she stopped, and she told me that my briefs were soaking wet and that they were yellow. I got up quickly and looked down, and saw that my whitey-tighties were stained yellow and that I was wet, entirely. I was so embarrassed, I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't ask her because she was about twenty-five, and really hot, so I didn't want to embarrass myself more then I already was. I walked right out of the massage and almost ran to the bathroom. I took off my yellow stained briefs, and washed them, then tried to dry them the best I could. I walked back out, and got my clothes on.

My wife's erotic massage finished and she came out and asked me how it was. I said it went fine. Then, she went and payed for her spa treatment, and she met the woman who gave me the massage. She told her all about my 'accident' and told her right where the muscle was. She laughed. She came over and we walked out. Finally, when we were out on the street, she hit me, right on the spot, and I wet a little, but enough to be noticeable. I'm still going out with her, but she does that to me in school all the time.This was all about me and my wife's wet massage story.