An Unexpected Happy Ending Massage

This is my first real story in Wife massage stories.The flight from Dubai to Spain was a tough journey for me and my wife.My Hot wife was feeling too much tired after the flight.She is in her 38Y of age.You can imagine how sitting in one position for such a long period of time,even with the short bursts of exercise (walking up and down the aisles) and stretching, can have such a toll on your body.
I did have an overnight layover in Spain and had the pleasure of soaking in a hot bath to relax a bit prior to boarding a plane the next day for the 60 minute flight to Barcelona.Sadly, it did not help long term.Finally,I suggested my wife to get a full body massage.She hesitated a bit as its not easy for the majority of Muslim women to take off their clothes in-front of strangers but finally she agreed to get massage from a lady.

I searched my contacts and tried hard to find some spa services in Spain.I struggled hard to find one as I was not much familiar to those services in Spain.Finally i browsed through internet and I got some contacts of male masseurs in the age range of 22-28.I thought for a while as some of them were offering free massage services for women.After making up my mind,I decided to surprise my wife with a male masseur.I was internally happy to see how a guy massage my hot wife.I called one guy who was just 22 in age and finally agreed to get him in our hotel room.He came right on time and meanwhile I have managed to convince my wife to get full body massage from a young guy.I can not explain how tough it was for me to convince her for that.She was a conventional Muslim wife.

He was very young and cute enough for a Hot wife.My wife was quite surprised to see such a young masseur.I sat on sofa and let my wife to guide him how she wants things to proceed.After telling him to focus on her back,shoulders and neck,he suggested a hot stone massage.well well well I have never seen one of these before, let's do it!then instructs her to take off her clothes ~ not a problem, this is normal, just keep on panties,I advised my wife in a smiling mood.She was lying on her big breasts and the guy started to massage her legs,feet and then moved upward.He massaged her buttocks and finally lifted her towel slightly up.He asked me if its easy for us to remove the towel.I smiled and asked him to do it in best manner.My Hot wife's ass got naked and the guy continued to massage her back.

My wife has started to feel the sensation of massage but being a conservative Muslim wife,she can not express her lust.I was enjoying the session two.Soon the guy started to massage her bra area,and slightly touching her breasts from both side when moving hands up and down.She was almost shivering so I got up and went near her.I told her to relax and enjoy.She got courage with my words and started to enjoy.I asked the guy to remove his entire clothes so that he can create more sensational massage for my hot wife.He was already in a mood to do that and I could feel his hanging tool ready inside.He removed his underwear's and for the first time I have seen an uncut fat tool.It was almost 6-7 inches in size but fat like elbow.

He placed his tool on my wife's ass crack and massaged her back again.My wife was moaning with pleasure.Then he asked my wife to turn around.He started to massage her large breasts and soon his hot touches brought my wife's first climax.She shivered with pleasure.He continued to please her and finally sat between her legs,just touching his tool tip on my wife's love hole.My wife must be in heaven.She suddenly grabbed his tool in her hand and started to stroke it.He was massaging her breasts and upper area of her love valley.I asked the guy to make it a full happy ending.He understood what i said as he was professional.So he lubricated his tool tip and just inserted it with a push inside my wife.My wife moaned with pleasure.He slowly started to bang my wife along the massage.This session went almost 30 minutes longs.Finally i asked him to give her a wild bang in the end and he got up.I asked him to do it in doggy style so he banged my wife in doggy for another wild orgasm of my wife.This session ended after almost 2 hours and my hot wife seemed very relaxed after the wife massage.The guy left our hotel after i thanked him for giving us a nice time.I hope you have enjoyed my wife massage stories.