A Cheating Wife

"A Cheating Wife"is my real life story.I am happily married to my loving husband.I have never thought of cheating my husband before he got some financial problems due to his joblessness.A year back,my husband was jobless and we were facing some critical financial problems.Our house needed some necessary work but we didn't have money to get that.We know a guy who is a repairman and has done some work for us over the years.Finally,we decided to get the workdone.Last week,he came over to install a kitchen countertop,do the plumbing for the sink and install a dishwasher.It hadn’t been an easy job;we’d had some things he needed to work on that made it more difficult than it should have been.This resulted in him having to come back a second day to finish with the dishwasher.
My loving husband was out for some job search and I was alone at home.He was only at the house for about half and hour and it was time to pay the bill.I asked him how much we owed;he looked at me and said it was up to me.I didn't understand what he meant.He knew that we were not been able to pay the bills for quite a few months.When I asked him to explain he looked at me and grinned.Then he commented that he’d always found me sexy and if I were game would take payment in sexual favors.I was quite shocked by his brave demands.My face turned red.I have never thought of having such extra-marital sex at any cost.This idea could be very frustrating for my husband that somebody would be sharing his wife.I said,“You mean like a mouth-job?”
He responded by letting me know that would take some off the bill.I asked him to give me sometime to think about and also to keep it between me and him.He promised to keep it secret and went away after giving me a day to think.I knew then he was thinking about screwing me.I thought about it.The overall kitchen project had cost us more than we’d planned on and figured that if I saved us some money my husband would be alright with it.
Next day,he came again when my loving husband was out.Without a word exchanged,I walked over to him as he leaned against the counter,dropped to my knees and began unbuttoning his pants.What I found inside was a pleasant treat. He was hard and about a solid 7+ inches,nice and thick,(sorry, not a monsters).I looked up at him and licked it like a lollipop and began to put it in my willing mouth.He moaned,as I started bobbing up and down taking as much of his tool into my mouth.He held my head,massaging my scalp for a bit as I was savoring the tasty meat.I was beginning to enjoy my decision as I worked on trying to get him off.He grabbed by head still and started to thrust more of his length into my mouth and forcing his way down my throat.I could feel my fleshy vagina getting wetter the longer I sucked on him.

I pulled back for air,he lifted me to my feet and began kissing me with intensity.As I kissed him back,I stroked his raging hard-on as he unbuttoned my jeans put his hand down my panties and thrust a thick finger into my juicy hole.Oh yah,this was feeling really good.We kissed for a bit and he finger sex me with fervor adding a second finger pushing the limits of my hole.He stopped kissing me to tell me he wanted to lick,at first I disagreed but he was persistent and I was enjoying being filled with his fingers.He stripped my clothes of quickly,laid me on the kitchen floor and dove between my legs.He was enjoying this Wife Sex more than normal.

He alternated between licking my hole and lips and sucking on my clito.He was very good at eating fleshy holes with soft lips and a firm tongue.I could feel my flesh getting creamy.Without any warning or easing into it,he shoved two fingers into it again.He sucked on my sensitive nub and started to aggressively thrust those thick fingers into me.I was getting so close,this was feeling much better than I expected.He moved up to kiss me,I could taste my juices on his tongue and lips but his fingers never stopped working on my dripping hole.

He stood up,removed his clothes and asked me if I had a condom.I retrieved one from my dressing table,yes;keep condoms in my table for my loving husband as we were on birth control.He struggled to put the condom on his large tool.I thought to myself that this was going to be an adventure.Suddenly,he asked me to keep condom on my lips and roll it onto his shaft.I have done it many times for my husband so I did that easily.I was just performing like a hot wife.Naked and ready,he climbed on top of me,lined his tool up with my hole and slipped right in.I don’t ever remember being this filled.It took a few moments for my valley to adjust to his size despite being so wet.It felt good!He picked up his pace and was driving it into me.

I figured that this was going to be a short one until he pulled out picked me off the hard floor,turned me around and pushed me against the new counter-top. He.He held my hips,drove his big tool inside me and started pounding me hard. Between pants and grunts I couldn't help myself telling him how good his big tool felt.The better it felt the more I let him know.I begged him to screw me harder.Each forceful thrust took my breath away but I loved it.I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist to give him more access and he took full advantage.

Next,he turned me around and leaned me up against the counter and slipped easily into my sloppy,stretched hole.By the way he was going at it I knew he wanted to release and was working hard to achieve that goal.He’d been going full force for quite some time now and the sweat dripping off of his chest was evidence of just that.I could tell by his grunts that he was getting close.He gripped my waist even firmer than before and began sucking intently on my left nipple,leaving me a little sore.Thank goodness I was so wet because he was fiercely pounding me as his climax was on its way.A few minutes later he gave one last forceful slam driving even deeper into my valley and let out a low growl,he held on tight until his spasms subsided.

Holy!That was intense.We stood there panting like we’d run a marathon.As good as it was,I wanted more.I dropped to my knees in front of him,pulled the filled condom from his semi-hard tool and began sucking on it.I figured I’d might as well get all I could.He was gasping and moaning again as I got him ready for round two.Until,the doorbell rang.We scrambled and quickly got dressed.At the door was my Husband.I thanked him for a job well done,asked if we were all even,yes,and sent him on his way.After that,my husband asked me about the bills and I told him that I had saved some money in past few months so I had paid him.My husband was very happy to hear that as he didn't know that his Hot wife was shared by a repairman.