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A Hot Wife Fantasy Night

If you find this thing a turn on and basically indulge the Hot Wife fantasy and struggle to apply it,or indulge the fantasy with talk etc when having sex with your wife,you can establish a greater and greater interest and response to the fantasy.You can effectively train yourself and your wife to be responsive to the idea of another man with you.Then the next step is to float the idea to your wife and try and convince her to come on board with Wife Sharing.Most wives are extremely resistant to it at first,in part suspecting a trick in that he wants a pass to have sex with other women,not trusting that he can handle it,not wanting sex with other men anyway or just generally fearing the destruction of the marriage as a result.But assuming she can be convinced and they agree to try it,here are some real photos of our Hot Wife Fantasy night.

I made her fantasy about younger guys which came true just a week ago.Our neighbors were on a trip over the weekend,leaving their 24 year old son home alone.He's a tall,blue eyed young man with a well-trained body,but very shy,he hasn't had a girlfriend yet.I had noticed earlier that my Hot Wife attracts his attention,with him staring at her cleavage or looking at her while she is in the garden in shorts.Well,the occasion was just too good to let it pass by so I asked her on Saturday afternoon if she would like to enjoy a BBC action.She laughed and agreed to my purposeful opinion.She called him next day and said,if you don't mind to come over to help me mowing the lawn.
Summing up my Hot wife Stories,Long story short,we ended up in my bedroom with my wife pleasing us both.we showed him how it feels to make love to a Hot Wife.He was so excited that he blew his first load when she gave just 2 or 3 strokes to his wiener and his second one when I tried to guide him into her flesh hole.But again he recovered very quickly and he managed to come another time in her before we sent him home around midnight.