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What I Feel About My Hot Wife

I am touching my forty-third of age. I married her when she was just 22. There was a big difference between my Hot Wife's age and mine. I kept on satisfying her daily but as she was young, I failed to keep it smooth. I loved her very much. I never wanted to loose her company. After a thinking of months,I got up a final solution;i.e to get her involved with young guys. I've so many fantasies about my wife; most of them were about her boobs; most of them were very stubborn, but what really turned me on was the fantasy of watching her with a boy of teen ages.I've to admit that some of the more exciting ideas were really dirty and perfect for every Husband of my nature.


Her breasts are such a complete turn-on. They are Gems to be admired and enjoyed. you cannot deny this fact. I shared her videos on Massage Xvideos for Hearing comments, and people started sharing thoughts as just plain fun.


I allowed her to stare at young guys. I often asked her to dress in a sexy style so that road guys can have a good look of her assets. She liked the idea and kept on staring guys for fun. Later, I selected the most beautiful guy and recommended her to bring him home.

It was a real turn on. I kept on watching their sexual play. The teen boy was experienced enough to play with her assets.

My Sexy Wife was enjoying this fun without bothering my feelings. It was just what I needed from her.I liked her act of doing all bravely.


One thing which surprised me was; the boy had a fat tool. He was well endowed.It was really a nice tool for my shared wife. He liked her butts and wanted a rear entry. She allowed him to use all holes.



I hope all Wife lovers would like my style of Wife Sharing. These pictures narrate all scenes that happened during our session. How you rate my Hot Wife? share your comments, I like reading such comments about her.